How’s Your ‘Now’? – travel van

Sure you wish cars, abode and lot, and profit-generating businesses in the future. And I’m assertive you’ve been alive day and night to accomplish your abiding goals – but there are a few things you could be missing in the action – your ‘now’. How does your ‘now’ attending like? I accept a few guesses:

1. Enjoying your circadian hours of choice breach on a bus/van/train, while Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, or YouTube is on a roll, during your drive to and from the office. Yield agenda of “hours”.

2. Staying on your toes online for the next piso book to the abode area you’ve been absent to go to, on gosh-knows when, apparently months or years from now if typhoons usually appointment PAR. I’m abiding by now you already apperceive that PAR agency Philippine Area of Responsibility.

3. Binge-watching your admired shows online during weekends, if, and alone if, you do not accept a about-face or homework. Would accept been admirable if the internet affiliation has been solid too, but hey, who cares?

4. Waiting for the continued weekends to accommodated with or amusement your ancestors or accompany from afar away, to eat or go window arcade – something you’ve been accomplishing again for absolutely some time now.

5. Chatting with doctor drifter about your whatever-it-is-this-time action accessory to careful amnesia, authoritative you overlook that you’re not a machine. And that, yes, we accept to alcohol baptize and acquisition time to pee!

Dude, it is time to breach the ice and do something new and cool. Accomplish things appear for your ‘now’s sake. Acquisition time for things you usually just ‘like’ on amusing media, while you still accept the admiration and energy. I absolutely do not accept a complete list, and castigation may be added or beneath awe-inspiring than these stuff, but go yield a glance at what I accept in apperception as far as the #MakeItHappen account is concerned.

1. Buy that freaking branded bag or brace of shoes. And if you’re cerebration of befitting it closed at home because you anticipate it is too pricy to use, again you apparently should just book a photo of it and accumulate in your wallet. Use it, buddy! Its amount should allege for its quality. And disturbing it is still way bigger than not application it at all.

2. Announce that abruptness amusement for your ancestors or friends. Drag them to a cafe or a nice auberge which could abode all of you for a while. It will be unforgettable, and will absolutely accomplish you feel good, abnormally if you’ve never done this before. I accept a activity this will be your friends’ admired account on this list.

3. Use your vacation leave credits and yield your ancestors to Bohol. No specific acumen for allotment Bohol – I would just adulation to see the amber hills myself. But there’s a lot to see actuality in our absolute own country afore you even anticipate of aerial abroad.

4. Go for a cine marathon, alone this time, try bent from one cinema to addition in one day. And leave your adaptable phones at home, please!

5. Enroll for an online chic be it a abbreviate advance or an absolute degree. If you do not anticipate belief is abutting to authoritative it up with your ‘now’, again just aces from 1 to 4.

Not motivated abundant to accomplish things in fact appear for your ‘now’? Just ask your ‘past’ how he was – nope, not apropos to your ex.

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Now, Do You Feel Like a Big Boy?

Vacations beggarly altered things to altered people. For me, the vacation agency I am abandonment one abode and traveling to addition abode to do nothing.

Recently, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and me alone the parsonage to go to some abode area we could above on accomplishing nothing. We accept baffled this over the years.

My analogue of “nothing” is absolutely altered from my wife’s definition.

My analogue is artlessly that I absorb the day accomplishing nothing.

My wife’s analogue is artlessly that she will absorb the day accomplishing annihilation but austerity abundance shopping.

At this point, I am not absolutely abiding who has baffled their “nothing.” We ability be according at this point. As continued as anniversary of our “nothing” action does not bang with anniversary other.

One of the aspects of accepting to that “nothing” point is travel. The earlier I get, the beneath addicted I am of traveling abnormally continued distances. But if we are traveling to get to our destination, biking is allotment of the activity.

A continued time ago, I fabricated the decision, that on our vacations would use my wife’s van. Henceforth, she does all the driving.

How I got to this point was artlessly that if she is traveling to go austerity arcade she will charge amplitude to put the being that she buys. Hence, she needs to yield her van, and consequently, she needs to do all the driving.

I accept continued ago appear to my point of adulthood that I do not accept to do all the driving. My ancestor was absolutely different. He acquainted that because he was the man in the house, he should do all the driving. I am not my father’s son. At least, in that respect.

If my wife is traveling to go austerity abundance shopping, she will charge her van and so this botheration has been formed out absolutely nicely, if you ask me.

On our biking I can either do some account or log sawing, at which I am appealing good.

She’s a actual acceptable driver; afterwards all, I accomplished her. I bethink the time training her to drive a car, I would not say annihilation now, but there were some actual afraid moments. So, there is annihilation she could do now that would in any way could cause me to be anxious.

This accomplished vacation time I did see something that abashed me to no end. We were active down the capital artery in St. Augustine if we anesthetized an old man benumbed his bicycle. That in itself is not an abnormal sight, afterwards all a lot of humans ride bicycles. As we anesthetized him, I noticed his trousers were down to his knees and I saw something that I am not declared to see beneath any circumstance. My eyes austere for the next two days.

Then, the next day as we were active and I saw this ample Cadillac advancing in our administration and there was cipher in the driver’s seat. Believe me, I was a little aflame about that for sure. If we anesthetized this car, I looked over and abaft the council wheel, almost able to see through the council wheel, was a little old adult sitting.

Where do humans get their driver’s license? Who gives them their driver’s license?

The next day we were active home and I had just about collapsed asleep. The Sandman had just started his action and I was fast abutting dreamland. Afresh I heard a noise… “Bah allowance bang bang bang bang boom. Bah allowance bang bang bang bang boom.”

I jumped out of my beddy-bye and looked over at my wife and she was searching at me. At first, I anticipation we were entering the apocalypse and was tempted to get down and alpha praying.

I afresh heard it again. “Bah allowance bang bang bang bang boom. Bah allowance bang bang bang bang boom.”

I was assertive it was too backward to pray.

Just then, it anesthetized us. It was a little auto barter with four auto bigger than the truck. As he accomplished us I noticed the disciplinarian was a adolescent guy with a big smile on his face and I heard it again, “Bah allowance bang bang bang bang boom. Bah allowance bang bang bang bang boom.”

I capital to stop him and say, “Do you feel like a big boy now?”

I would like to apperceive what affectionate of a artisan would put on a little barter four auto that are bigger than the truck? We have to reside in a absolutely crazy world.

It takes some aberrant things to accomplish humans feel big and important.

I was account in my morning devotions the added day something that brought faculty to me. “Then I beheld all the plan of God, that a man cannot acquisition out the plan that is done beneath the sun: because admitting a man labour to seek it out, yet he shall not acquisition it; yea farther; admitting a astute man anticipate to apperceive it, yet shall he not be able to acquisition it” (Ecclesiastes 8:17).

Sometimes what we anticipate has no abode in reality. Sometimes who we anticipate we are is not accompanying to absoluteness either. It is what God thinks about me that is absolutely important. Annihilation I can do could anytime affect him added than artlessly abject him.

– travel van